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Clinic - Ultra Sensitive (Unscented)
Clumping Cat Litter

Granule Size
W180 -0,5 mm – 1,8 mm

6 L Carton Box

It clumps and absorbs liquid well because it has thin granule size. Clumping is thin and flat due to homogenous granule distribution. It is a very ideal product for adult cats with sensitive paws.

Provides extra strong clump formation thanks to its small granule distribution. For cats who like to play with sand, it prevents the crumbs from breaking up.

Thanks to the natural montmorillonite mineral it contains, all kinds of bad odors are trapped.

Thanks to its extraordinary liquid absorption capacity, it provides longer lasting use than other cat litters.

It is produced with high technology and packaged hand-free and put into use.

Produced using 100% domestic resources.


It has ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certificate and TSE K-77 Product Certificate.