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Here, with the sincere expression of our General Manager we present how we produce our cat litters with an advanced technology to get them ready to use In order to offer a much more hygienic and much more comfortable environment to both our cat friends living at home and their owners.

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Cat’s Favorite

We provide a much more hygienic and much more comfortable environment both to our cat pals and their owners with our cat litter that we made ready for use through advanced technology.


Our cat litters, which are produced from the world’s best quality calcium bentonite mineral deposits, have liquid absorption and odor absorption properties that are 4-5 times their own volume.


Our cat litter is 100% natural and their bad odor detaining level is above 50%. Our dust level is lower than 0,5% that is much below than the litter available in market.


We benefit from organic and natural materials even in the additives used for product diversification.

Super Premium Cat Food

It is enriched with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our dear friends need for a healthy, fit and active life. It supports the immune system with its prebiotic fibers and helps to optimize digestion.

With its special grain structure, it helps prevent tartar and the Omega-3 and Omega-6 content provides a very important support for a healthy skin and fur.

Super Premium Dog Food

VanDog Premium Dog Food Series is a well-balanced and healthy premium food with low grain and high protein content. It not only supports your dog’s overall health but also helps to maintain an ideal weight.

The VanDog product range nourishes the musculoskeletal system and skin while providing maximum support to the immune system thanks to its prebiotics. Your friend’s energy and cheerfulness will always remain in place.


The World Branding Awards, organized by the World Branding Forum, awarded VanCat the Brand of the Year award in the Pet Cleaning and Health category twice in a row in 2019-2020 and 2021-2022.