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About Us

Every detail is important for us.

Our company Bentaş Bentonit A.Ş. was established in 2007 and it started to produce clumping cat litter from white bentonite reserves available in our country and exports cat litter to 75 countries in the world. Almost 90% of white bentonite reserves in Turkey is around Ordu-Ünye-Fatsa. Important part of those reserves is in the trust of our company.

As a matter of fact, our company has made an investment decision for the bentonite field in Nevşehir in 2021, and with the new facilities to be established in Kayseri or Mersin in 2022 at the latest, our company aims to diversify its product range with gray and other colored bentonites in addition to white bentonite, and on the other hand, it will be able to reach a significant capacity worldwide by increasing its production capacity.

On the other hand, our investment in diatomite mine in Kahramankazan, Ankara, which started in 2018, was commissioned in February 2019. Absorbent cat litter production has started in the relevant facility. In particular, we have a natural use for coloring and diversifying cat litter from this mineral.

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Our company, which caters to a significant portion of the Turkish cat litter market, continues to work with nearly 20 major wholesalers or business partners throughout the country. Our company still manages 7 brands registered in its own name and on the other hand, it imports Bosch and Sanabelle dog and cat food from Bosch, one of the most important manufacturers of Germany, to Turkey.

In addition, our company is one of the large capacity companies in Europe in terms of both production capacity and packaging capacity. Today, our company has a production capacity of 300,000 tons of granules and employs a total of 400 personnel.

We produce micronized bentonite for ceramics in addition to bentonite cat litter. We sell micronized bentonite to countries such as Italy, United Arab Emirates, China and mainly India.

With the happiness of having reached every point in Europe, our company has attracted the attention of the world with the investments we have made in our brands in the last 5-6 years, and our VanCat® brand has twice been awarded the brand of the year award in the field of “Cleaning and Hygiene” by the World Branding Forum, a non-profit organization based in the UK, in Vienna in 2019 and 2021.

On the other hand, we were deemed worthy of an award in the Original Product category at the “Stars of Export” competition organized under the leadership of TIM on March 6, 2020. In 2022, we were also awarded the Brand of the Year Award at the UK European Quality Summit. In addition, our company has received numerous brand and quality awards in Turkey.

Today, the VanCat® brand is marketed in 65 countries, the Cat’s White® brand in 20 countries, the White Sand® brand in 12 countries and the Rocat® brand in 11 countries. As Bentaş Bentonit, our first goal is to rank among the top second 500 companies in Turkey,exporting from production. We are happy that after the years dominated by Covid-19 and when the economies of many countries collapsed, we have been able to expand by over 200% on TL basis and 100% on Euro basis by the end of 2022 compared to the same period last year.

Another goal of ours is to increase our brand values and make the VanCat®, Cat’s White®, Rocat® and White Sand® brands even more recognizable around the world.

We are expanding with new investments.

Our company, which produces products that touch the lives of millions of cat owners every day in more than 75 countries, continues to grow on a global scale. In a rapidly changing and evolving world, the growth in the sector over the last 13 years is expected to continue exponentially and we are strengthening our strategic position every day by investing in four important areas.

We create value with our R&D and innovation power.
We continue to develop sustainable products of high added value for our customers with our pioneering practices and solutions in R&D and innovation. Thanks to the ideas developed in the R&D and design center, we were granted the global brand of the year award and registered our pioneering position in this field. With the vision of digitalization in production technologies, we aim to be among the respected companies in Europe. As Bentaş Bentonit, we also aim to spread the smart processes and algorithms we have developed in our factory to the entire production network and further develop our activities in digitalization. We adopt sustainability as a business model and are moving forward without deviating from our principles to become a brand that “Respects the World, Globally Reputed” with zero waste efforts.

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Our turnover continues to grow.
Despite the challenging conditions in the world and national economy, Bentaş Bentonit managed to complete 2021 with a high turnover increase as targeted. Our turnover increased by 70% in 2021 compared to the previous year. We target to increase our turnover by 200% in 2022 In the second quarter of 2022, we have exceeded the previous year’s sales revenue by 50%. More than 80% of our sales revenues are generated from the international market and nearly 20% from the domestic market. Being aware of the importance of value-added product exports, we believe that our sales and revenues will grow at the same rate in the coming years.

We continue our successful performance in global markets.
In the light of the developments in global economy and in the industry, Bentaş Bentonit has a successful performance in our target markets and has significant market shares in countries such as Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Greece, and is among the leading brands especially in Turkey, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Malta. Our global brand VanCat® continues to reinforce our presence in these markets. In Europe where the company is the strongest in international markets and Turkish market, we achieved 50% growth as of the first 6 months of 2022. We continue to increase our sales in this region in response to consumer price sensitivity and competitive approaches, especially in the highly competitive European markets.

Bentaş Bentonit exports more than 80% of its production.

Hey everyone, This is Yavuz OMUR from Bentas Bentonite, Turkey. I’m the export manager of the company for the past three years. In fact, I’m going to be celebrating my 3rd year with the company in May, 2022.

I’m here to talk about our company in general and give a brief information about our export operations. Our company was first founded in 2007, and the very first export operation took place in 2009. And right after 2009, we have immediately became the leading manufacturer of bentonite cat litter in Turkey. And as of now, we are still leading the industry in three different categories; including the production capacity, packaging capacity and leading export volume. Almost 60% of our production capacity goes into private label businesses. And this wouldallow us to make businesses with largest supermarket chains, wholesalers, pet store chains and retailers.

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And almost 30% of our sales goes into our own trademarks. And the leading trademark of our company is called VanCat®, which is being distributed in 56 countries. And the significance of VanCat® is that it has been named as the brand of the year back in 2019-2020 as well as 2021-2022. And with that being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank our official VanCat® brand distributers around the world.

Followingly, we have the brand of Cat’s White®, which has been introduced following VanCat® and currently being distributed in 20 countries. And the significance of Cat’s White® is that it has a enviromentally friendly packaging.

Moreover, we have the brand of RoCat® which is being distributed in 12 countries. And the significance of RoCat® is that it is more price competitive.

Last but not least, we have the brand of White Sand® which is currently being distributed in 8 countries. And the significance of White Sand® is that it has the higest quality producty we have created so far since our establishment.

And finally, I’d like to talk about the general issues that we are facing as a globe for the past few years including the era of Covid-19 as well as the regional conflicts in and around Europe. Of course, such events had led to significance changes in cost of production as well as cost of transportation. As Bentas Bentonit, what we had to do was to be more transparent with our clients and have more direct approach towards our clients. And that’s exactly what we did. As the export department what we had to do is to share, on a monthly basis, export news so that our clients can keep up with the latest news of our industry. And when it comes to cost of transportation, our board has decided to invest in new warehouses in Istanbul which had have helped our clients have more competitive freight rates which is crucial for our trade.

Of course, we are going to be attending to the international pet trade shows around the world, mainly in Europe, so we would like to welcome you to visit us anytime during those exhibitions. Regardless, you are always more than welcome to visit our facilities here in Turkey.

Hope to see you soon. Thank you.

We do not leave quality to chance.

500 tons of production per day, 6 different analyses for every ton of product, 3.000 analyses in 24 hours…

Our Research and Development laboratory work for increasing the present efficiency of products even more and developing new products. Our quality control department checks production all the time and guarantees its compliance with required quality parameters and production at high quality level.

Flocculation Analysis

Ph Value Analysis

Granule Size Analysis

Liquid Absorption Capacity Analysis

Moisture Analysis

Bulk Intensity Analysis


The World Branding Awards, organized by the World Branding Forum, awarded VanCat the Brand of the Year award in the Pet Cleaning and Health category twice in a row in 2019-2020 and 2021-2022.